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Meet The Makers

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Joshua Afiriyie


Joshua Afiriyie is a writer and director currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. He is the co-founder of Babellion Studios, a film collective specializing in filmmaking and podcast production. He has produced a myriad of content under Babellion and under his own name while providing other students opportunities to showcase their talents. He is committed to telling challenging stories with a focus on social justice, social commentary, and meaningful discourse. He believes that art is a labor of the people and a reflection of the collective.

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Sam "Gebar" Gebremiche

"The HoodTrophy Bino Story: Breaking the Generational Curse"

GEBAR (Director/ Editor) is an aspiring film director originally from Eritrea, Africa. Born and raised in Eritrea, he moved to America at age 11 with his family. He pursued his dream of filmmaking while graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cinema. In 2016 he started his own production company called Ordinary Visions. He has directed two short narrative films and a variety of music videos. He started filming music videos in 2016 and has filmed various artists ranging from Blueface, rexxliferaj, Fenix Flexin, Lil Bean, AzChike, Young Slo-be, EBK, Young Joc, Rucci, Drakeo the Ruler, and many more.
Please see Gebar's instagram account for more: @g.e.b.a.r

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Omar Ali Khan Hutchins

"Let it be a Tale" 

Omar is a photographer and filmmaker born and raised in San Francisco, California and currently attending Howard University in Washington DC to pursue a degree in Media, Journalism, and Film with an African Studies minor.

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Rin Jung, Richard Rivera(not pictured)

"Condemned to Be Free"

Rin Jung is a multimedia researcher, DIY doc filmmaker, and tattoo artist from Korea currently based in Brooklyn. Through their research and practice, Rin explores experiential emotions and affect such as personal narrative and memories within the sociopolitical contexts and critical perspectives. By reconfiguring various struggles and violences faced in our time and existence, Rin’s artistic and intellectual becoming wishes to be a radical resilience and liberating force.

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Elya Randrianavio


Growing up in Madagascar, Africa, Elya Randrianaivo started writing and starring in films at the ripe age of 8. She moved to France to study engineering while also self-learning screenwriting. After graduation, she held various position in Commercials production until self-producing her first short-film « L’avenir de mon ex » with her cinematographer brother. In 2019, she attended film school in Los Angeles to acquire a MFA in Film and Television. She completed four shorts of various genre. Her work tackles delicate topics through stories that are authentic, entertaining and profound. Her appetite for difficult subjects such as racism, white supremacy, terrorism trauma, homelessness, is not to denounce but to provide a sensational space for the audience to be fully immersed into living the question and gain greater insight to find strength, freedom and hope.

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Victoria Wilcox

"Waiting Onna Punch"

 Victoria Wilcox is a filmmaker and freelance photographer in Philadelphia. Victoria is currently studying Narrative Directing BFA program at Temple University.  Over the years, she has curated a love for capturing moments in time and cultivating empathy within audiences, which has led her to the realm of storytelling. From a single photo, to fiction, to documentary, Victoria seeks to capture the essence of those around her. 

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Marquett Ferrell

"I Just Hope You Listen"

Marquett Ferrell, also known as BIG R3D, is an entertainer of color. Currently studying at Kutztown University, Marquett has been on and behind the camera for his whole life. Known for his music career and theatre performances, he's finally ready to prove he has what it takes to tell his story.

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Brittney S. Harris, Russ Fulmore(not pictured)


Brittney S. Harris is an Assistant Professor of Theatre in the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts at Old Dominion University. Featured directed performances/programming include Exodus Homecoming VA (InHEIRitance Project), Hidden History of the Banjo (Zeiders American Dream Theater), Symptomatic: IRL, Echoes: Transcending Through Story (ODURep Mainstage season) and Resilient Stillness: A Project about Stillness and Togetherness for the ODU Summer Arts Series. Her solo performance projects have been featured at several national interdisciplinary conferences and fringe festivals, most recently including the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference (ATHE), Borderlight International Fringe Festival, Rochester Fringe Festival, Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC), Black Theatre Network, Global Conference on Women and Gender, Racial Disposability and Cultures of Resistance Conference at Penn State University, Richmond Fringe Festival, and the Annual African, African American, & Diaspora Studies (AAAD) Conference at Howard University.

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Hendreck Joseph

"Nice to Meet You"

Hendreck is a South Florida native of Haitian descent who loves to tell stories about his friends and family. He grew up in a Christian Caribbean household, and his stories have been influenced by his upbringing. Hendreck has always been heavily involved in the arts. From yearbook editor, creative writing school blogger, talent show production, and now finally a screenwriter and director. He received his BA in English at Florida Atlantic University in 2014 and went on to get his master’s in Screenwriting in 2023 at Florida State University. Hendreck has written and directed two short films ("You Got The Right One" & "Nice To Meet You" and co-wrote the first feature ("Noseeums”) fully produced by Florida State between 2021-2023. Hendreck’s ultimate goal is to star in either a hit show or a movie that he’s written.

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Gabriel Noble

"A Cup of Tea"

Gabriel "Gabe" Noble, originally from Kannapolis, North Carolina, explored various art forms including music, dance, and creative writing throughout high school and college. Nine years ago, he relocated to New York City to chase an acting career, which led him to discover a passion for hospitality, culminating in a successful stint as a bartender in the vibrant New York restaurant scene. In 2022, Gabe decided to follow his deepest passion: film. His debut short film, "A Cup of Tea," marks his first venture into filmmaking. Currently, he is pursuing an MFA in Film at Stony Brook's Manhattan Center for Creative Writing and Film. Gabe is also developing a short script and his first feature film, both inspired by his North Carolina roots.

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Jeta Stephens, Donnoven Rios(Not pictured)

"Shopping Spree (Black Friday)"

Jeta is a filmmaker & Producer. She graduated from Temple University with dual degrees in Public Relations and Spanish. She has produced, filmed and edited over 50 short films in the lifestyle and branded content sectors. She is as eloquent as she is effervescent. Bow Down to the princess herself.

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