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Nya Cunningham




Devon Lockwood



Christina McIntire


Michael 'Storm' Miller


Paige Vaccaro



Ebony Roberts

Director/Executive Producer

Ever since Ebony Roberts watched ‘Back to the Future’ at age 7, she was intrigued by film. It was from then that she knew she wanted to leave her mark in the world of film and television. From a 7 year old dreamer, she continued her journey to the silver screen by obtaining a degree in Communications/Broadcasting from the University of Pittsburgh. Shortly after earning her degree she and her sisters combined their love of travel and production to create a web series called ‘Global Lipstick’. This Bourdain-esk web series showcased the sisters' carefree, comedic spirit as well as their creative genius. From that endeavor Ebony and her sisters formed a production company where they empowered businesses through visual media. While working with her independent production company, Ebony was given an opportunity to work for QVC, the home shopping channel. She took that opportunity and is currently an Associate Producer on the studio broadcast team. During the year of 2020, in the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, Ebony knew she had to use her creative energy to promote unity in the Black community. That creative energy spawned her latest project and the one she is most proud of to date, entitled, United We Heal. Whether it's producing, directing or writing, Ebony continues to attempt to leave her mark on the television and film industry by constantly striving for excellence.


Jeff Hawthorne


Jeffrey Hawthorne is a Philadelphia based cinematographer who
gets the job done. He graduated with a degree in film for the Art
Institute of Philadelphia Hawthorne is enthusiastic about making
independent film and has worked as director of Photography on
several films including: United We Heal (2020) I Can’t Breathe
(2017) Heroin (2016) and countless music videos.


Andres Gallegos


Andres Gallegos is a film editor, visual artist and musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Mexican Immigrants who came from humble backgrounds in the early 1980’s. He attended Methacton High School and later  graduated from Temple University in 2017 with a Bachelors in Media Studies and  Production. He has worked extensively in the Philly music scene as a drummer,  guitarist, and songwriter alongside his current work as a video editor and visual  artist. His latest work “United We Heal” with director Ebony Roberts is setting precedent in their hopes for both effective and creative storytelling in activism.


Colin Pawlowski


Colin Pawlowski is JOE Black’s resident jack of all trades. Colin is one of those people who holds a couple of different tools in their creative arsenal, and all are sharp and well-tuned. Colin's main strengths include producing, directing, comedic storytelling, and being able to run a film shoot like nobody’s business. Since obtaining his degree from Temple, Colin has been making digital content one way or another for over 5 years and specializing in digital short stories. They enjoy collaborating with Philly creatives, comedians, and independent filmmakers. Colin has been seen doing things from setting up lights to writing dialogue for a character; and continues to take on projects that are made up of a good story and good people. He currently has a day job Chatter Blast where he is a videographer and editor.

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Jeta Stephens


Jeta Stephens is a filmmaker and Chester County, Pennsylvania native. She graduated from Temple University with dual degrees in Public Relations and Spanish. She has produced, filmed and edited over 50 short films in the lifestyle and branded content sectors. She has managed productions and crews in the United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates. While she excels in multiple areas of production, her strengths are writing and concept development.


Morgan Hart


Morgan Hart is a Lighting and electrical BEAST. Morgan received his Degree from Temple University and hit the ground running head first into the film world.  Morgan has served as lighting director and Assistant camera Director on such films as United We Heal (2020) Interview Philly (2020) In Your Afterglow (2020) in addition to countless wedding and event shoots.


Tyler Kelch


Tyler Kelch is a digital filmmaker and media professional. With a degree in TV/Video from Temple University, he works largely in the production of live TV, micro-budget independent film and nonfiction content.


Kate Walters


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Katie is a film editor/colorist with a passion for art in many forms. She graduated from Temple University in 2017 with a BA in Film & Media Art. When it comes to color-grading, Katie uses her background in photography and painting to add color to the image and bring out the mood of the film. Her favorite projects to work on hold a message to bring positive change and use beautiful imagery to make the world a better place.


Christopher Chip Coughlan


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Cameron 'Bam Bam' Terry

Sound Engineer

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